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Among Nobles, a bloodline building board game, was launched on on March 9, and successfully funded on April 8, 2015.

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Among Nobles is a card game where players establish and expand a family dynasty in feudal Europe.

Players control some of the most iconic and influential figures in the European history. Using their unique abilities cunningly is crucial in the fierce competition between the leading noble houses. The game is won and lost in the intricate interaction between war, strategic marriages and influence at court.

Peter Brichs, known from Denmark’s largest board game site,, was impressed by the game when serving as a jury member at Fastaval 2013: "Among Nobles was a great game, when I first tried it during Fastaval 2013 ˗ which is the reason we nominated it for the Otto award. In fact, I believed the game was worthy to be published back when I had the honour of playing it. Since then, the game has been polished and looks to be an even better experience ˗ I know I can't wait to get my hands of a published copy."

Among Nobles is thoroughly playtested and the design is finalized. The game was a best board game nominee at Fastaval 2013, and it has the Nordic Game Artisans seal of approval. We have a quote and a timeline with an established manufacturer.

Troels Vastrup, one of five designers behind the game, is eager to open the kickstarter campaign: “Everything is ready. We just need the funding so we can get Among Nobles out where it belongs ˗ in the hands of gamers everywhere.”

The game is designed by a team of five. Morten Andersen, known as an official board game rules guru in Copenhagen’s Bastard Café, remembers how it all began: “A strong passion for board games led us to create our company Among Meeples in 2010. Our vision is to design games that we enjoy playing ourselves. We call this concept Games by Gamers. The first result was Colonies, a game of resource management in the far reaches of space. Colonies was published in 2012 to critical acclaim.”

Among Nobles can be acquired through kickstarter for DKK 195 / €26 / for pickup in Copenhagen.

Among Nobles can be acquired through kickstarter for DKK 295 / €40 / including shipping anywhere.

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