Among Meeples

Eight friends
A thousand ideas
One passion

...and now we're saving the world one board game piece at the time!

Games by gamers

Among Meeples are eight enthusiastic board gamers. We'd been playing board games and role playing games together for more than a decade when we in 2010 ventured into the designing of our very own board games. After 18 months of designing and play testing of the game that became Colonies, we decided that it was ready for publishing. In July 2012 we established the company Among Meeples Aps and signed a production contract for Colonies. Colonies game was presented and sold at Spiel 2012 in Essen.

Our main objective is designing games that we ourselves enjoy playing.

Among Meeples are: Morten Andersen, Tina Christensen, Michael Harbst, Robert Bonde Jensen, Lone Gram Larsen, No Netterstrĝm, Claes William Hart Schütt, Troels Vastrup

Colonies among meeples